Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Updates

A-list celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have finally reached a settlement with their divorce lawyers.

It turns out that Katie will have primary custody of the couple’s six-year-old daughter, Suri, but Tom will have “significant custodial time” with her as well.

There is also a rumor going around that part of the agreement states that when Suri is around her dad, Katie’s bodyguard and nanny must also be there–but that has been debunked and labeled as untrue.

Another part of the divorce settlement states that both Tom and Katie are limited on what they discuss with Suri–particularly about religion and Scientology.

I for one am pretty bummed about this. At first, Tom and Katie seemed like a strange couple: Joey from Dawson’s Creek marrying Mission: Impossible‘s Ethan Hunt?

Plus their romance had been surrounded by the whole Scientology thing as well as Tom’s overenthusiastic romp on the couch; and do not forget Tom’s outburst accusing Brooke Shields of having a drug problem because she took medication for her postpartum depression.

But since all of that has blown over, Tom and Katie had evolved into this normal, affectionate, attractive couple, and cute little Suri was just the cherry on top of their beautiful family sundae.

So yes, I am a bit saddened by the news that the Cruises are splitting up. What with them, J.Lo and Marc Anthony, Katy Perry and Russell Brand, and Heidi Klum and Seal, it seems like hundreds of other celebrities are breaking up.

I guess we can still hope for the best for Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone!

Justin Bieber Gets a New and Stupid Tattoo; Annoys Many

Justin Bieber’s annoying spiral into manhood has been in full force this month.

Not only did his latest album Believe get released this month, but it has also hit the number one spots in not only the United States, but also in Ireland, Australia, Taiwan, and Sweden.

That is pretty impressive, so I have to give credit where credit is due.

However, what I do take issue with is the Biebs’ completely irritating new image. Let’s deconstruct this, shall we?
Justin Bieber unveiled a new tattoo commemorating his latest album while he was a guest on David Letterman’s late night show.

As you can see, it says “Believe” in some ridiculous block letters.

Really Justin?

I mean, in all honesty, that looks like something your inexplicably awesome girlfriend Selena Gomez could have just drawn on your arm in Sharpie. You could have at least picked a better font.

Speaking of Bieber’s appearance on Letterman, that brings me to my next complaint: his hair.

What is the deal? I really don’t get it.

Is this the upper middle class’ response to the mullet? I just don’t see how anyone really looks in the mirror and thinks that that looks good.

The next thing that bugs me about this new, updated Bieber is the annoying lead single from Believe, “Boyfriend”.

I am not a complete Bieber hater: I am a big fan of his other songs, specifically “Somebody to Love” and “One Time”. But I just can’t support this “Boyfriend” garbage.

Get it together, Bieber. If only to salvage the dignity of Selena Gomez.

Battleship Sunk at the Box Office

The much-anticipated summer blockbuster Battleship, directed by the man behind the brilliant TV series Friday Night Lights, Peter Berg, pretty much tanked at the box office in its opening weekend, bringing home a mere $25.3 million after costing $209 million to make.

Though many expected Battleship to overtake the Disney and Marvel Studios’ juggernaut The Avengers, the superhero flick starring Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans has hung on to the number one spot for three weeks now and has officially become the fourth highest grossing movie of all time.

Sidenote: to me, it always sounds initially impressive when a movie becomes one of the “highest grossing films of all time,” but whatever the next big film is will always find its way onto that list. I mean, let’s not forget that the second Hunger Games installment will be out in 2013, as well as the conclusion to the horrible yet admittedly successful Twilight series, and both of those will undoubtedly knock The Avengers out of its number four spot. But I digress.

It pains me to say that Battleship was such a horrendous failure, for I am a big, big fan of Berg’s Friday Night Lights series; it makes my heart hurt to admit that Battleship is no good.

However, there is one person I pity a lot more than I do Berg: Taylor Kitsch. Poor Kitsch has now headlined two of the biggest and nearly unanimously critically panned movies of 2012: John Carter and Battleship.

Kitsch was so excellent in Friday Night Lights, but he has been torn apart by critics so far this year. It actually makes me doubt my own taste a little bit–do I know what I am talking about when I rave about FNL? Is it actually as great as I think it is?

Yes, of course it is. But I hope Berg–and Kitsch–get their acts together and start making the high quality films that we all know they are capable of making!

Christina Aguilera Endures Further Ridicule

Poor Xtina. Try as she might, this is just not her decade! Granted, she is technically back into the public eye in a big way as a judge on the prime time TV show The Voice, but she has also had to go through kind of a lot of crap.

One example of the crap she has gone through was in February 2011, when she totally and completely screwed up the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLV, singing lyrics like, “The twilight’s last reaming”. Yikes.

Later that year, the artist formerly known as Xtina took a tumble onstage during her performance at the Grammys. At this point, you really just start feeling bad for her. Christina, girl, you are so talented–we are sorry that we keep laughing at you. It’s just that you seem so in denial of your true self: your fried white hair, your ubiquitous cleavage, your orange skin…don’t you know that the natural, cleaned-up look is totally in this year?

Anyway, something else embarrassing happened to poor Xtina relatively recently: while she was performing at the memorial service for Etta James, who passed away in January, it appears that a mysterious liquid was streaming down Christina’s legs.

A representative told US Weekly that it was just her spray tan, streaking and running due to sweat…but it really does look suspiciously like something else. We hope for her sake that it really is just spray tan drips.

What do you think? Should everyone just lay off Xtina? Is she asking for it all, since she won’t quit dressing like a crazy person? Do you really think it was just her spray tan? Tell us what you think!

Gary Ross Leaves the Hunger Games Franchise

As you know by now, we here at are major fans of The Hunger Games–the entire franchise. We love the books, we love the movie, and we love the entire cast and crew of the movie.

This is why we were completely and totally bummed to hear the news that Gary Ross, director of the first installment of the series’ film trilogy, is not going to be directing the second movie, Catching Fire!

In our opinion, Ross did a phenomenal job with the first movie. Somehow he was able to capture the essence of the book and each of its characters, selecting the perfect cast that truly worked together to create an emotional, realistic portrayal of such an insane concept.

As devotees, we had collectively made the decision to completely trust all of Ross’ decisions–in particular, casting–for the sequel. I mean, he did an amazing job with the Hunger Games cast, despite so much initial backlash. People complained left and right:

“Katniss is too curvy and blonde and sexy”–and Jennifer Lawrence completely owned the movie as Katniss Everdeen. “Peeta is supposed to have blond hair and he’s too short”–and Josh Hutcherson was completely adorable and charismatic as Peeta Mellark. “Gale is supposed to have brown hair and he’s dating Miley Cyrus”–and Liam Hemsworth was fine. (He wasn’t in the movie that much to offer a final judgment, but we liked what we saw of him.”

But now that Ross has detached himself from the franchise, we can’t help but worry about the fate of our beloved Catching Fire film. This one features extremely critical new characters, in particular, Finnick Odair and Johanna Mason. Whomever Ross would’ve cast, we would’ve completely trusted; now, however, what if we get a dopey director who decides to cast Megan Fox as Johanna? Or someone equally brainless as Finnick? We have our fears, but we will keep you posted as the hunt for a new director continues.

Surprising Celebrity Couples

Everyone, whether it’s secretly or openly, loves knowing who their favorite–or least favorite–celebrities are dating. We get especially excited upon finding out that they are dating other celebrities! Why is it? Maybe because it gives us the (false) impression that two of our friends have started dating.

Celebrity couples are the best when they are really sudden and surprising pairings. (Well, sudden to us.) Right now in the land of celebrities, there are actually a few slightly surprising newly unveiled couplings that have caught us off guard!

First of all, we’re not sure how they flew under our radar, but Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, co-stars in the upcoming summer flick The Amazing Spiderman, are dating in real life! Apparently they have been dating for a year.

They are basically the cutest celebrity couple happening right now, in our opinion…I mean, he is just adorable, with his amazing thick hair and his snark, and Emma Stone is one of our faves: funny, cute, and just so quirky.

Plus, our sources tell us that Emma and Andrew–a pairing which does not exactly lend itself to any cutesy celeb couple nicknames, by the way, due to the high volume of vowels in their names–are about to move in together, right into their own adorable and undoubtedly offbeat yet trendy love nest.

Another seemingly random new-but-old couple is Kanye West and Kim Kardashian–they are dating, and apparently this is their second attempt at it? Weird. But whatever, right?

Kanye spills his guts in his newly-released song “Theraflu,” in which he raps, “And I admit I fell in love with Kim…’round the same time she fell in love with him…that’s cool babygirl, do your thing…lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team,” which is an obvious reference to Kim’s ex-husband Kris Humphries, who plays for the New Jersey Nets, the basketball team owned by Jay-Z. BOOM!

The Hunger Games Finally Premieres

The day finally came–the long-awaited, highly-anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games is today! It has been generally praised by critics, receiving a very high 87% on–a definite rarity for a film version of a young adult fiction series.

Critics and fans alike have been especially impressed with the acting in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence carries the film on her shoulders in her role as Katniss Everdeen, the complex protagonist; Lawrence has garnered a lot of praise for her subtle yet forceful performance. Josh Hutcherson has also pleased fans in his role as Peeta Mellark, effectively playing the part of the charismatic and thoughtful teenager.

The supporting actors have also received positive reviews from both rabid fans of the novels and top critics across the country.

In particular, Stanley Tucci steals the show as cheesy, hammy Hunger Games announcer Caesar Flickerman. Even viewers who have never read any of the Hunger Games books will get a kick out of his outrageous appearance and his hilarious over-the-top performance as an exaggerated game show host from the future.

Caution: potential spoilers lie ahead for people who have not read the books or seen the movie just yet!

One part of the movie that has left fans slightly disappointed was the relationship between Katniss and Peeta; in the books, Katniss goes all out in pretending to be madly in love with Peeta, and he reciprocates enthusiastically–unaware that Katniss is merely acting in hopes of garnering support from the Games’ viewers.

In this viewer’s opinion, the movie did not emphasize enough how strongly Peeta actually feels for Katniss and how truly platonic her feelings are for him at this point in the series. This is one of the most interesting parts of the story, and I personally would have loved to seen that played out in the film

However, petty complaints aside, this really is a fabulous adaptation of an exciting, violent, thought-provoking novel. Hopefully Catching Fire is also up to par in 2013!

Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Full of Surprises…and Disappointed Fans

Note: spoilers ahead!

Last night was the season finale of the popular ABC Family TV show, Pretty Little Liars, and it was an extremely hyped episode since viewers were promised that the major, secret villain of the entire series, “A,” would finally be revealed.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the guilty pleasure show, Pretty Little Liars is based on a popular young adult book series by Sara Shepard and is about four estranged friends who come together following the murder of one of their other friends, the pretty, manipulative, cruel Allison.

Soon after Allison’s funeral, the other four girls start getting threatening text messages and notes from “A”, who blackmails them into doing whatever he or she wants them to do using secrets that only Allison had known about each girl.

The big mystery of the show, which just finished its second season last night, has been A’s identity; A has seemingly been all-knowing and ubiquitous, eventually branching out to threatening the main four girls’ parents, friends, and romantic interests.

The show has been even more mysterious since its creators and producers had said that things would turn out differently than the way it all does in the books, leading to major speculation.

Fans have been very patient throughout the show’s two seasons, though, and so when they were promised that A’s identity would finally be revealed, viewers were extremely excited.

However, the big episode, in some fans’ eyes, was a bit of a letdown; A ended up being Mona, an ugly duckling sort of character, as she used to be a nerdy outcast who was regularly bullied by the dead Allison.

Fans are annoyed and, in some cases, angry–mostly because Mona was A in the books, and they had been told that the plot would take a different turn it does in the novels.They are also a little peeved because Mona was working with a group of others, calling them the “A Team”–meaning that this so-called reveal of A was only a tiny piece of the whole mystery.

Fans shouldn’t really be surprised that Pretty Little Liars is maintaining a big chunk of the mystery, I guess, since they still want people coming back to watch more seasons; people are still mildly upset about it though.

Did you watch the season finale? Were you satisfied with the episode? Have you ever even heard of Pretty Little Liars?

And You Thought the Finale of “The Bachelor” Meant the Drama was Over…

Think again: the latest celebrity drama today is surrounding last night’s finale of the 16th season of the ABC reality dating show, The Bachelor.

The Bachelor has been on the air since 2002, and people have been very opinionated about the show since then.

Some people think that it is a disgusting excuse for entertainment that proves just how low Americans have really sunk; others watch every single season faithfully, appreciating the hilarity that ensues when someone’s dating life is examined under the microscope that is network television.

Whatever your opinion of the show, you cannot deny that it is generally a ratings juggernaut for the ABC network. Last night’s finale drew 9.1 million viewers, and even though that figure is 36% lower than the finale of the previous season, it is still very high.

The aforementioned drama is regarding the winner of this season, Courtney Robertson, and the Bachelor himself, Ben Flajnik. Courtney was this season’s so-called “villain,” being outrightly mean to the other girls on the show–who were essentially her roommates for seven weeks–and sneaking out to Ben in the middle of the night for a naked rendezvous in the ocean, during which they undoubtedly Did It. (Although that reflected badly on Ben, too, and not just on Courtney.)

Us Magazine, however, has now reported that Ben cheated on Courtney between the finale’s filming and its premiere last night, specifically February of this year. They have published pictures of Ben kissing mulitple women, insisting that these photos were indeed taken this February, despite Ben’s denial on the “After the Final Rose” Bachelor special last night.

Ben claims that the magazine is attempting to pass off old photos as new ones and that they are a bunch of liars with their pants on fire; Us Magazine, however, is maintaining their stance that these are truly new photos taken last month.

What do you think? Is Ben full of crap? Does Courtney deserve for being a bee-yotch? Do you even really care?

The Season Premiere of Mad Men

On March 25, the acclaimed TV show Mad Men will return to AMC for its fifth season. If you are unfamiliar with this truly groundbreaking and addicting ’60s era show, here is a little guide to get you caught up for its fifth season premiere this month.

The first thing you need to know is that the show centers on the enigmatic and dashing Don Draper, played by the talented Jon Hamm. Don works in Manhattan at an advertising agency and is a notorious womanizer. He is especially fascinating because Don Draper is actually not his true identity–his real name is Dick Whitman, but in the Korean War, his lieutenant Don Draper died right before the end of his service; Dick assumed Don’s identity, and bascially started his whole life over as Don Draper.

Betty Francis, played by January Jones, is Don’s ex-wife; she is controlling and icy, but that is in part to how badly Don treated her while they were married (he was unfaithful multiple times. “Multiple” meaning you probably can’t count the number of times he cheated on one hand.)

Roger Sterling, played by John Slattery, works with Don; he is full of snarky little quips and alternates between being charismatic and being a jerk. We love him, though.

Joan Harris, played by Christina Hendricks, is the sexy office manager of Don and Roger’s office. She is married, but was formerly romantically involved with Roger.

Pete Campbell, played by Vincent Kartheiser, is a junior employee at the ad agency. He and Don do not initially get along at all, primarily stemming from Pete’s jealousy of Don, but as the show has progressed, they begin to respect each other.

Peggy Olson, played by Elisabeth Moss, started the show as Don’s receptionist, but she showed skills as a copywriter and now does this full time. She views Don as a sort of mentor.

Season 4 left off with the gang still working at Don and Roger’s own advertising agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Betty and her new husband are getting ready to move into their new home. In the biggest twist of all, Don proposed marriage to his young, immature receptionist in the final episode of the season, although he had been in a mature and honest relationship with someone else. Season 5 promises to be an exciting one!